A diversified workforce

Québec’s aerospace industry employs over 39,130 workers. In the Montréal area, one person in 54 works in aerospace. All trades are represented, and the industry is supported by Québec’s renowned educational institutions.


Illustration indicating “Over 39,130 workers”
  • Montréal ranks first in North America in terms of the number of students per capita.
  • Labour costs are very competitive thanks to a large pool of qualified workers.

Photo of a CAE flight simulator, courtesy of CAE Inc.COVERING THE ENTIRE SPECTRUM!


In Québec, aerospace activity is so intense and diversified that training is offered even in the most advanced and sought-after specialties!


CAE Open a new window, for example, provides modelling, simulation and training services for pilots. To offer the best possible training, the company buys aircraft cockpits or reproduces them from plans.


More recently, the company also developed cutting-edge expertise in training services for operators of drones, those much-talked-about unmanned aircraft.


With a presence in 20 countries on five continents, CAE has gained solid expertise and acquired a well-earned international reputation!


The company Laflamme Engineering Ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre plans to develop a pilotless helicopter by 2017. The aircraft, named LX300 and weighing 300 kilos, could have a number of applications, including in agriculture, mineral exploration and maritime operations. It will be one of the largest civilian drones to be sold on global markets.


The project is funded by the Consortium for Aerospace Research and Innovation in Canada (CARIC) and is a joint venture involving several companies.



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