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Québec: Ideal for data centres

With its cool climate, a geographical location that protects it from natural catastrophes like strong earthquakes, and abundant, affordable sources of energy, Québec is an ideal location for data centres.


Green, reliable and affordable energy


With an installed capacity of 36.5 GW and a storage capacity of 176 TWh, Québec is the largest producer of hydropower in Canada. Hydropower accounts for 99% of all energy produced in Québec. What’s more, it’s a green, renewable and affordable source of energy. What more could you want?


  • Québec’s power grid, the largest in North America, is one of the most reliable and most self-supporting systems in the world.
  • North America’s power-transmission system meets the highest standards.
  • Québec’s power grid is independent from neighbouring transmission systems and has been recognized by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation Open a new window(NERC) as a full interconnection since 2006.

Focus on Data Centres in Québec


Photo of a man walking in a server roomAfter opening the world’s largest data hosting centre in the Greater Montréal area in 2013, French cloud-computing giant OVH set up its North American R&D lab in Québec City in 2016, the location of several large-scale data centres, including 4Degree Colocation.


IBM announced the opening of its SoftLayer cloud centre in Drummondville, in spring 2015, whereas the multinational Ericsson will be inaugurating its $1.2-billion research and data hosting facility in Vaudreuil-Dorion by the end of 2016. Following in the footsteps of ROOT and Cogeco Data Services, Toronto-based Urbacon is set to establish one of Canada’s largest urban data centres in 2016 and Amazon Web Services (AWS) plans to open its first Canadian data centre, both in Montréal.


“As the second-largest city in Canada, Montréal is a vital centre of commerce and technology. Canada is an important market for IBM Cloud services and this new facility will provide regional customers with the security, resiliency, and scalability for placing demanding workloads in the cloud.” Marc Jones, SoftLayer’s CTO.


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