A booming industry

The microelectronics industry has been experiencing steady growth in Québec—about 8,300 people work in this industry (2012), the majority of whom are employed by about 10 companies, including IBM, Matrox and Teledyne DALSA. The main areas of activity are:


  • semiconductors;
  • assembly services;
  • specialized circuits and systems for design, inspection and manufacturing.


Company No. of Employees Specialty

Adetel Solution Open a new window


90 Onboard electronics design
Averna Technologies Open a new window 225 Global electric and electronic test bench solutions
C-MAC Microcircuits ULC Open a new window 115

Manufacturing semiconductors and other electronic components

Esterline CMC Electronics Open a new window 810

Designing, manufacturing, selling and providing technical support for high-tech electronic products

Excelitas Technologies Open a new window 230 Optoelectronic components and subsystems
Gentec Open a new window 180 Laser measurement devices and technologies
IBM Open a new window 1,500 Assembling and testing flip chips
Matrox Open a new window 500 Imaging solutions
Teledyne Dalsa Open a new window 465 Manufacturing semiconductors using specialized processes such as MEMS
Varitron Technologies Open a new window 215 Electronic manufacturing services

MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI)

Photo of a nanophotonic chip designed by IBM, courtesy of IBM

Officially opened in 2011 thanks to a unique partnership between Université de Sherbrooke, Teledyne DALSA and IBM Canada, C2MI is Canada’s largest R&D centre focusing on electronic systems as well as a global innovation hub. The centre represents a total investment of over $220 million. (C2MI Open a new window).


C2MI is a key component of North America’s northeastern microelectronics corridor, one of the industry’s largest hubs in the world. The Centre’s mission is to become the global leader in packaging the next generations of microchips, primarily through the following activities:


  • Producing chips (sensors) for electromechanical systems
  • Conducting electrical tests of microsystems
  • Developing chip-cutting technologies
  • Connecting chips to innovative packages
  • Optimizing heat dissipation
  • Designing and producing embedded systems (autonomous electromechanical systems)

In addition, C2MI serves as a bridge between universities and the private sector, helping achieve their common goal of manufacturing complex microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

The many transformations that the Internet of Things will bring about must be supported by technological capacities whose limits will be constantly pushed back. It is here that C2MI and the electronic systems industry will have a key role to play in the Canadian economy in order to fulfil and support all the possibilities that this new digital world offers. At C2MI, bold entrepre­neurs come together with scientific expertise and exciting new ideas to create a place where innovation has no limits.”


Louis Labelle, Bromont Plant General Manager, IBM Canada


July 22, 2015, press release

Competitive tax rate

Québec's 26.9% tax rate is one of the lowest in North America, giving companies that locate here a clear competitive edge.


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