Customized financial products

Why Investissement Québec?

Because we are both a financial institution and an economic development agency, which is good news for you.


We have everything you need to get your expansion project up and running—all under one roof! In addition to offering advice and support as you set up your business in Québec, we can provide financial solutions that suit your requirements.

Investissement Québec provides a range of financial products—loans, equity investments and tax credits—tailored specifically to microelectronics businesses. Some of those products are described below:


  • Financing of refundable tax credits
    Loans or loan guarantees to build up your cash resources
  • Project financing
    Loans or loan guarantees covering up to 100% of project costs, to help you grow in Québec
  • Development capital
    Equity capital (minimum of $2 million) to develop strategic partnerships and launch major projects in Québec
    Loans or loan guarantees to allow you to carry out strategic investment projects

Other solutions for your industry


  • Employment fund Open a new window(Emploi-Québec)
    (French website)
    A range of general programs and measures to help you hire qualified talent
  • Investment tax credit
    Investment Tax Credit for the Acquisition of Manufacturing and Processing Equipment

R&D tax credit

Québec believes in innovation and research. That's why its government has created tax measures that enable companies to realize considerable savings on R&D, potentially reducing the net cost of R&D expenditures by almost 40%. Such measures are invaluable for businesses looking to develop innovative products.


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