Focus on R&D

Innovation and R&D are the cornerstones of success in the microelectronics industry. Québec companies excel in both areas, enabling them to meet market needs and keep costs competitive.


  • Foreign researchers and specialists can benefit from a five-year provincial income tax exemption.
  • Thanks to the tax incentives offered by the governments of Québec and Canada, Québec is recognized as one of the most favourable locations for R&D activities.
  • What’s more, its generous tax incentives can help businesses cut their R&D expenses.

Ericsson builds a new R-D centre in Montréal

Swedish multinational Ericsson has begun construction of a new building that will house the 1,700 employees of its Montréal R-D and Services Centre by the end of 2016. Ericsson’s new premises will offer emplo­yees the opportunity to work in a next-generation building designed to position the company as a leading player in Canada’s information and communication technology ecosystem.


Model of the future Ericsson's R-D Centre in Montréal


Ericsson has been operating in Québec since the early 1980s. Its Montréal R-D Centre, one of the company’s largest outside of Sweden, underlines the microelectronics giant’s long-term commitment to Montréal.


In addition to that facility, the multinational is also in the process of constructing an enormous data centre in Vaudreuil-Dorion, an investment valued at $1.2 billion.

IBM Canada, Teledyne DALSA and Université de Sherbrooke are the founding partners behind C2MI , a global centre of excellence for advanced research into microelectromechanical system and silicon chip assembly. The Centre’s one-of-a-kind business model leverages the following strengths:


A choice location

Located in the heart of North America’s northeastern microelectronics corridor, the Centre brings together over 750 researchers from academia and the private sector. The Bromont region alone boasts more than 3,000 jobs in the microelectronics industry.


Accelerated commercialization

C2MI is revolutionizing global practices in packaging next-generation microchips and manufacturing microelectronic systems on 200-mm wafers. Its downstream role includes:


  • Producing 45-nm, 32-nm and 22-nm chips
  • Developing chip-cutting technologies
  • Connecting chips electronically to innovative packages
  • Managing heat dissipation
  • Testing chips and simulating production to shorten time-to-market for innovative products


“The expertise held at C2MI, whether it is related to advanced packaging, MEMS, material characte­rization or failure analysis, allowed a significant number of Canadian and foreign companies to distinguish themselves. Our collaborative model offers a dynamic environment for future genera­tions of scientists, produces highly qualified jobs and generates business opportunities, while strengthening the reputation of Canada as an innovative nation.”

Normand Bourbonnais, President and CEO, C2MI


Release Open a new window(July 22, 2015)


Intellectual property

C2MI’s members retain intellectual ownership of projects developed at the Centre while working towards their common goal of speeding up commercialization in Canada.


Facilities, equipment and expertise

It’s no wonder the Centre is so successful on the research and innovation fronts: bringing together highly qualified researchers and state-of-the-art equipment in a modern facility is a big part of the reason why Québec’s microelectronics industry is thriving.

ReSMiQ Open a new windowis a Québec-based microelectronics research centre. It originated in the GRIAO research centre, founded in 1991 by four Montréal institutions: Concordia University, École Polytechnique de Montréal, McGill University and Université de Montréal.


  • Today, ReSMiQ represents some 50 researchers and over 480 graduate students from 10 universities.
  • The centre carries out cutting-edge research in systems architecture, digital, analogue and mixed (analogue/digital) circuit and microsystem design, systems testing and verification.
  • Its work focuses on telecommunications, biomedical, RF circuit and signal processing applications.

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