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February 15, 2017

Automation Projects Totalling $238 Million for GE Canada

In keeping with its focus on innovation and process automation as a means of boosting its competitiveness around the globe, GE Canada Open a new windowwill invest $238 million in its Québec subsidiary, GE Aviation, to modernize its plant in Bromont.


GE Aviation logo and aircraft engine in the background


Three major projects will be carried out at the GE Aviation plant:


  • re-engineering of the manufacturing processes and procedures used in the production of new engine components ;
  • increasing staff and building expertise in automating aircraft engine repair and manufacturing processes;
  • boosting vibration analysis capability at GE Canada’s Bromont plant.


The Québec government has provided $12 million in funding to GE Canada for these initiatives, which are expected to create some 100 highly skilled jobs in Québec and preserve some 200 more at the Bromont plant.


The Bromont plant specializes in producing aircraft engine parts and has experienced steady growth since it opened in 1982. GE Canada invested $63.5 million in the facility in 2010 to produce new engine components, followed by an additional $61.4 million in 2012 to commission two centres of research excellence serving GE manufacturing facilities around the globe.

2016–2026 Québec Aerospace Strategy
The Québec government rolled out the 2016–2026 Québec Aerospace Strategy last May with a $250-million budget over five years. For more information on the strategy’s objectives and action plan, please visit Open a new window


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