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Créativité Québec, the perfect fit for innovation projects

If your company is poised to innovate, we can help you fulfil your greatest ambitions!

This program is administered by Investissement Québec, with the support of the Ministère de l’Économie, de la Science et de l’Innovation.


A helping hand for innovative companies


Ingénieur travaillant sur un projet innovateur (imprimante 3D)

Créativité Québec is designed for companies with innovative projects that need funding to develop or improve products and processes.


Projects must meet the following conditions:


  • entail expenditures of $100,000 or more to develop or improve products and processes;
  • involve a technologically innovative product or process;
  • have commercial potential, improve a process or aim to implement a new and improved production method;
  • give the company a clear competitive and technological advantage.

Créativité Québec, the adaptable solution for your projects

We know every situation is unique. That’s why we offer flexible terms and conditions tailored to your needs.



A loan or loan guarantee

Financial products that meet your requirements

Financing from $50,000 to
$5 million

Financing based on the scale of your project

Short- or long-term financing (up to 10 years)

A flexible term, depending on the nature of your project

Repayment of capital potentially deferred for up to three years

The freedom to use your liquidity as you see fit while your project is under way

In certain cases, an equity investment

Greater leeway thanks to new cash inflows

  • Financing for every project must include an investment from private sources equivalent to at least 20% of the total project cost.
  • A loan guarantee can cover up to 70% of any net loss.

Certain conditions may apply.

Any for-profit company, cooperative or non-profit organization with commercial activities is eligible if it operates in one of the following industries:


  • manufacturing;
  • high-value-added services (for example, IT and communications, environmental services, creative and industrial design services, industrial laboratories, scientific services, private research centres and value-added distribution centres);
  • primary sector, provided it is engaged in a secondary or tertiary processing project.

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December 2016


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Client Service Officer

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Contact your expert

André Williot

Client Service Officer

1 844 474-6367