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Market Diversification for Québec Manufacturing Companies

This tax measure provides assistance for manufacturers that wish to extend the marketing of their products to locations outside Québec. Eligible companies receive a refundable tax credit on eligible certification expenses incurred up to December 31, 2015.

Details of Tax Assistance

The refundable tax credit is equal to 24% of the eligible certification expenses. However, the maximum total amount of the tax credit is $45,000 for the credit application period.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible Corporations

Your company could qualify if the goods it produces are in the manufacturing sector covered by the measure and if they are made at an establishment in Québec.


Your company will be required to demonstrate:


  • that it has assets of $50 million or less;
  • that at least 75% of its gross revenue is derived from manufacturing sector activities1 for the taxation year preceding the one covered by the application for a corporation certificate or for the taxation year prior to the one preceding the year covered by the application.

1 The manufacturing sector activities covered by this credit are those classified under codes 321215, 321216, 321911, 321919, 326122, 326196, 326220, 331210, 332311, 332319, 332321, 332410, 332420, 332910, 3334, 333920, 335920 and 335930 of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2012.


Eligible Goods


Eligible goods mean a product that the company makes in Québec and for which it obtained certification that the product complies with the legal standards applicable outside Québec where the company intends to market the product. Such certification must be obtained before
January 1, 2017.


Eligible Certification Expenses


Eligible certification expenses for eligible goods mean the expenses incurred by the company within the year or in a prior taxation year that are directly attributable to certification of that good.


These expenses include fees paid to an external consultant who is dealing at arm’s length with the eligible company and directly related to product certification. All certification expenses for eligible goods must be related to the activities prescribed in the corporation certificate and carried on at an establishment of the eligible company located in Québec.

Specific Requirements


To qualify, your company must have a corporation certificate from Investissement Québec for every year for which it claims the tax credit.


Eligibility Period and Duration


Your company may claim the tax credit for eligible certification expenses incurred after March 20, 2012, but before January 1, 2016.




Fees are charged for the analysis of all eligibility applications. For more information, contact an Investissement Québec advisor or refer to the rates schedule on our website.

How to obtain the tax credit

  • Remplissez la application for an eligibility certificate and send it to us after your company’s year-end.
  • Once it has completed its review, Investissement Québec will confirm whether your company is eligible.
  • • If you have any questions, call one of our experts at
    1 844 474-6367.


Fees are charged for processing all eligibility certificate applications.

Want to receive your refund right away?

If your company qualifies for this tax credit, you can apply for our Financing of Refundable Tax Credits program to put your cash to work sooner. For more details, please contact one of our financing experts at 1 844 474-6367.

June 2014


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André Williot

Client Service Officer

1 844 474-6367

Contact your expert

André Williot

Client Service Officer

1 844 474-6367