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Development Capital

Whether it's a single financing solution or a combination of several, Investissement Québec can give you the flexibility you need to carry out your projects.

Our financing solutions

Equity financing: Equity investment of $5 million or more, generally between 20% and 30% of shares.


Debt financing: Up to $100M.


  • Senior secured loan: Generally with other lenders. Competitive market-based terms and conditions.
  • Subordinated loan: With or without guarantee. Repayment terms and rates based on the business's situation, at market conditions.

Did you know?

You can obtain $5 million or more in financing for your project. Development capital is an excellent solution for ambitious projects.


Photo of two engineers working in a plant

Examples of eligible projects


  • Total or partial share redemption to maintain Québec ownership
  • Acquisition of a company in Québec or abroad
  • Growth or productivity enhancement (expansion, equipment upgrade)

All Québec businesses are eligible, except companies operating in the following industries:


  • Agriculture*
  • Finance and insurance
  • Real estate (certain activities are excluded)
  • Retail sales and comparable activities
  • Other industries where clients are primarily individuals, except for tourism

* However, companies that are ineligible for La Financière agricole du Québec programs may qualify for financing from Investissement Québec.

Investissement Québec, your partner of choice for ambitious projects


Count on us for:


  • Seasoned experts working as a team
  • Extensive, solidly backed financial capacity
  • A comprehensive, long-term vision


September 2018


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