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The Blockchain Group chooses Montréal for its first office in North America

Paris, October 6, 2021 – The Blockchain Group, the only listed company in France specializing in IT consulting and Blockchain-as-a-Service platform publishing, announces the opening of its first North American hub and blockchain research centre in Montréal.

Montréal as North American management centre

The blockchain research Centre in Montréal will serve as an anchor point for The Blockchain Group’s North American teams in developing blockchain- and data intelligence-related technologies. This unique laboratory will conduct research on methods, tools and means to optimize blockchain by using data intelligence techniques, including AI and machine learning.


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TThe Blockchain Group also aims to recruit, within the next three years, some 80 to 100 sales and marketing people and consultants specializing in blockchain and data intelligence in Greater Montréal.


The reduced ecological footprint of blockchain, smart contracts in natural language and blockchain monitoring techniques will be some of the lab’s first areas of research because they are considered important barriers in the mass adoption of this technology. The Blockchain Group also wants to explore the benefits of blockchain and data intelligence for Smart City projects.


In France, The Blockchain Group already has labs dedicated to blockchain and data intelligence at its Xdev and Trimane subsidiaries. They are working closely with competitiveness clusters, universities and French engineering schools.


“We would like to thank Montréal International and Investissement Québec for their support in this setup phase. Their help enabled us to set up these structures in record time. In fact, this city has an extraordinary ecosystem for data, AI and blockchain, which are formalized by the presence of renowned research institutes, incubators and public support in this field. We can also count on leading-edge universities and their highly skilled resources,” said Lionel Rigaud, Director of Digital Strategy, The Blockchain Group.


“Montréal and its intense AI and high-tech ecosystems once again serve as a bridge for a European company wanting to conquer the North American market. In fact, our city remains a prime destination for innovators like The Blockchain Group that want to scale new heights. This research centre will expand our high-tech sector and reinforces Montréal’s position as an enviable global hub,” said Stéphane Paquet, President and CEO, Montréal International.


“The Blockchain Group’s decision to make Montréal its home port in North America speaks to the strength of Québec’s ecosystem,” noted Hubert Bolduc, President of Investissement Québec International. “Combining Blockchain’s expertise and data intelligence, this research laboratory will help raise Québec’s global profile and attract top talent in its areas of expertise. Our international team will continue to highlight the things that set Québec apart so that foreign companies invest here for the long term.”


As part of its development, The Blockchain Group North America will also offer all the commercial activities available in Europe, i.e., service and marketing of the Group's blockchain and data intelligence platforms in the Americas. Service and platform distribution activities will benefit from the knowledge and expertise developed in the lab.


Since 2017, the ecosystem around blockchain has been especially dynamic in France and around the world. As the source of many disruptions in various industries, projects around blockchain emerge with huge technological promises. Blockchain is recognized as a technology of the future, with an average annual market growth of 300%.

About The Blockchain Group


The Blockchain Group is the only publicly traded French company with 230 engineers who cover the entire blockchain value chain. The Group, headed by Xavier Latil, offers innovative solutions that can integrate blockchain technology into French and international companies.


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