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TVM Capital Asia Conference

Octobre 30, 2014
Bukwang R&D Centre, Seoul

First conference organized by TVM Capital Life Science and Korean company Bukwang Pharmaceutical to promote fruitful scientific, business and financial exchanges between pharmaceutical industry representatives and venture capital experts from Asia, Europe, the United States and Canada.


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Our representatives at the TVM Capital Asia Conference


Dongho Lee, our representative in Seoul, and Luc Carignan, Director of the Americas and Asia, will take part in this conference, which will bring together members of the Korean government, senior managers from Eli Lilly & Company, investment specialists from TVM Life Science Management and executives of international biopharmaceutical companies.  

  • Photo of Dongho Lee
    Dongho Lee
    Manager, Business Development, Seoul
    Email address of Dongho Lee
  • Photo of Luc Carignan
    Luc Carignan
    Director of the Americas and Asia, Montréal
    Email address of Luc Carignan

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