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Towards Smart Cities and Intelligent Transportation Seminar

March 19, 2015
Stockholm, Sweden

Under the theme of smart transportation and smart cities, Investissement Québec’s Stockholm office, in collaboration with the Canadian embassy, is organizing a seminar that will bring together decision-makers and leaders of innovative businesses from Canada, Sweden and Nordic countries. Business opportunities in Québec as well as Nordic countries will be discussed during the seminar. Québec has enviable expertise in the fields of energy efficiency, smart grids and sustainable development. The seminar will be followed by a networking activity.







HE Kenneth Macartney
, Canada’s Ambassador to Sweden




Smart Moderator

Mattias Frithiof, Department Manager, Analysis and Strategy, WSP Sweden




Smart Cities: Developing new services—Do we have what we need?

Hans Hentzell, CEO, Swedish ICT Research AB




Smart Cities and the Rise of a New Urban Infrastructure

Patrik Regårdh, Head of Strategic Marketing, Ericsson AB




Smart Government


Lisa Enarsson, Assistant Coordinator, City of Stockholm


Intelligent Projects

Dany LaRochelle, Representative Office in Europe, City
of Québec






Intelligent Transportation Management




How Smart Is Intelligent Transport in Canada?

Michael De Santis, President, ITS Canada




Traffic Coordination Within Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems

Cristofer Englund, Research Manager, Viktoria Swedish ICT











A Sample of the Most Innovative Projects in Canada

Yves Provencher, Manager, FP Innovations, Performance Innovation Transport Group




Connected Vehicles Providing a More Efficient and Sustainable Transport System

Ulf Ceder, Senior Manager, Research Support Office, Scania CV AB





Smart Systems and Cool Technology





Marie Sandå, Director, Product Management– M2M at TeliaSonera Global M2M Services





Smart Business





Sources of Banking and Financing Services in Canada

Lucia Baldino, Managing Director, Representative Office, Desjardins Group




Smart Incentives Programs in Québec

France Bourdon, Director, Business Development, Stockholm





We’ve Been There!

Tore Bäckström, Senior Vice-President, Volvo Buses






Networking Reception


Photo of Mattias Frithiof

Mattias Frithiof
Department Manager, Analysis and Strategy, WSP Sweden Open a new window


Mattias is a political scientist with a background in international relations and has worked in regional development and governance issues in Sweden and internationally. Regional functionality, especially the role of cities, urbanization and regional preconditions for growth, has been a particular focus.

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Photo of Hans Hentzell

Hans Hentzell
CEO, Swedish ICT Research AB Open a new window


Hans Hentzell is CEO of Swedish ICT and has a Ph.D. in Thin Film Physics. Swedish ICT is a non-profit group of world-class research institutes focused on ICT research and innovation whose role is to drive and enable innovation by turning research into new products, processes, methods and services.

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Photo of Patrik Regårdh

Patrik Regårdh Linkedin profile of Patrik Regårdh
Head of Strategic Marketing, Ericsson AB Open a new window


Has been heading up Strategic Marketing for the Ericsson Group since 2004. Patrik is focused on market development, industry dynamics and driving strategies and initiatives for Ericsson’s long term positioning. Patrik has worked for Ericsson for the past 20 years and has held previous positions within strategy and business development as well as account management. On the international record he has had assignments in Brazil, Thailand and Germany.

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Photo of Lisa Enarsson

Lisa Enarsson
Assistant Coordinator, City of Stockholm Open a new window


Assistant Coordinator of the GrowSmarter project. The project is co-funded by the European Commission’s Smart City program to help create sustainable growth in Europe using 12 smart solutions in energy efficient renovation, renewable energy, sustainable transportation and ICT. Lisa will assist the Coordinator, the Site managers and the Work package leaders in developing the three Light House sites in Stockholm, Cologne and Barcelona.

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Photo of Dany LaRochelle

Dany LaRochelle
Representative Office in Europe, City of Québec Open a new window


Dany represents Quebec City and works together with Quebec International on providing dedicated and tailor-made support to European companies in the set-up of their industrial, development or R&D units. Over the last 19 years, he has accompanied countless businesses in the success of their international set-up and expansion, including Swedish ones in Canada.

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Photo of Michael De Santis

Michael De Santis
President, ITS Canada Open a new window


Michael De Santis has over 20 years of experience in intelligent transportation systems and transportation engineering. He is President of ITS Canada and President of Lynx Technologies, and is actively involved with the organization of the 24th ITS World Congress that will be held in Montréal in 2017.

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Photo of Cristofer Englund

Cristofer Englund
Research Manager, Viktoria Swedish ICT Open a new window


Cristofer Englund is Research Manager within Cooperative Systems at Viktoria Swedish ICT, a non-profit research institute. His research interest lies in autonomous driving with a focus on traffic coordination, communication, data mining and artificial intelligence.

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Photo of Yves Provencher

Yves Provencher Linkedin profile of Yves Provencher
Manager, Performance Innovation Transport Group, FP Innovations Open a new window


Yves Provencher has been working for 30 years at developing, testing and implementing innovative technology to improve transportation efficiency. After a successful career of 20 years in forest transportation, Yves “came out of the woods” and started a new group that provides engineering and development services to fleets of all type. The PIT Group is now running activities in Canada and USA and serves customers in North America, Europe and Asia. Yves group is currently developing electric shuttle to be used in airports and in the municipal sector.

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Photo of Ulf Ceder

Ulf Ceder

Senior Manager, Research Support Office, Scania CV AB Open a new window


Ulf Ceder has a long and broad background in sales, IT, business development and foresight. He is now responsible for Future Transport solutions at Scania Research. Present in more than 100 countries, Scania AB is a leading manufacturer of trucks and buses for heavy transportation applications.

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Photo of Marie Sandå

Marie Sandå
Director, Product Management–M2M, TeliaSonera M2M Services Open a new window


The GMA Association is based on a cooperation agreement between TeliaSonera, Orange, Deutsche Telekom and Telecom Italia to deliver best-in-class, enhanced and seamless M2M services globally and maximize the business benefits of customers.

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Photo of Lucia Baldino

Lucia Baldino
Managing Director, Representative Office, Desjardins Group Open a new window


Lucia Baldino is head of Canadian Desjardins’ European office based out of Paris. Since 2012, this office has assisted more than 700 companies and individuals with projects both in Canada and Europe. Desjardins was ranked 2nd by Bloomberg among the world’s strongest banks and 1st in North America in 2014.

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Photo of Tore Bäckström

Tore Bäckström Linkedin profile of Tore Bäckström
Senior Vice-President, Volvo Buses Open a new window


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Québec: A strong culture of innovation


Québec is a technological leader and its ICT sector is experiencing rapid growth. Furthermore, our expertise in advanced transportation opens up a whole new course for the future here. With its impressive hydroelectric network, Québec offers the perfect setting for conducting research and trials in the electrification of ground transportation.


Ground transportation sector


Information and communications technologies sector


For more information on the advantages that Québec provides, contact our expert.

  • Photo of France Bourdon

    France Bourdon

    Business Development, Stockholm

    Téléphone +46 8 453 30 37 E-mail address of France Bourdon Linkedin profile of France Bourdon

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Electrification of transportation

Illustration: electric car icon and the following: Electrification priority project

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