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July 12, 2016

AP&C Expands in Québec

Advanced Powders and Coatings (AP&C) will invest more than $30 million to build a second plant in Québec, by 2017, where it will create 100 jobs. The new facility will allow the company to increase its production capacity in the short term and plan for a long-term expansion.


Photo of an aircraft engine


With the support of Investissement Québec and Montréal International, AP&C has decided to undertake this expansion due to the significant growth it has experienced in the last two years and the increase in demand for high-quality titanium powders for use in additive manufacturing.


“By making this investment, we are committing to provide our current and future customers with superior-quality materials to meet the high production standards in the biomedical and aerospace industries. With its powder production plant and the technological progress in atomization, AP&C will substantially increase its production capacity in 2017 and the following years,” stated Alain Dupont, president of AP&C.


AP&C is a subsidiary of Swedish company Arcam AB, an international supplier of additive manufacturing equipment. The company already employs 85 people in its Boisbriand plant, in the Greater Montréal area.