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September 29, 2014

Berger-Levrault establishes its North American head office in Québec

Berger-Levrault International, the French leader in publishing software for the health, education and public service sectors, recently launched its North American operations with the acquisition of Québec companies COBA and Exagon. “Our new subsidiary in the Greater Montréal area is the Berger-Levrault group’s first step outside France and an ideal springboard for breaking into North American and world markets,” declared Berger-Levrault CEO Pierre-Marie Lehucher.


Photo of a physician using a laptop


Berger-Levrault chose to set up its North American head office at the premises occupied by COBA, an integrated management software provider based in Laval. Roughly 70 employees already work for the new North American subsidiary, which plans to recruit new hires in the coming years. With COBA’s expertise and the know-how of Exagon, a company that specializes in developing and implementing data management solutions, Berger-Levrault will be well positioned to meet growing demand. “Québec-developed solutions can also be used to supply Berger-Levrault’s clients in France and around the world,” added Lehucher.


A subsidiary of French conglomerate Groupe Accueil since 2003, Berger-Levrault has over 1,200 employees and nearly 60,000 clients in the health, education and public services sectors. It generates annual revenues of 120 million euros ($171 million).


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