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August 12, 2016

D-BOX Partners with Asia’s Largest Movie Studio

Québec firm D-BOX Technologies, which already had a presence in a dozen Chinese cinemas, has signed a long-term agreement with State Production Base of China Film, one of China’s largest movie companies, with the aim of revolutionizing the experience of Chinese moviegoers.


Photo of D-BOX seats in a movie theater - Courtesy of D-Box


“We know that D-BOX is loved all over the world and this is the reason why we’re very happy to partner up with this company,” said Lei Zhenyu, General Manager of State Production Base. This partnership will enable D-BOX to integrate its systems into major Chinese film productions and promote the installation of its seats in movie theatres.


“Since more than half of all feature films in China stem from local productions, this development is a significant step for us in a very large and savvy market,” said Claude McMaster, president and CEO of D-BOX. “We’re very eager to use our innovative motion-coding technology to give Chinese film producers and moviegoers something to really get excited about.”

Québec innovation shaking the world
D-BOX Open a new windowoffers moviegoers a unique immersive experience thanks to its patented motion technology that is able to program specific movements for each visual content element and integrate them into different platforms, such as cinema seats. The movements the viewers feel are perfectly synchronized with the images appearing on the screen, creating an experience of unsurpassed realism.