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October 1, 2013

Framestore Continues to Grow in Montréal

Framestore, a London-based company specializing in visual effects, announced in January 2013 that Montréal would be the site of its brand new studio, which was poised to become the largest of its kind in Québec.


Picture of an advertising of Coca Cola Polar Bear, courtesy of Framestore


Since then, Framestore has grown continually. The company recently landed new contracts from major Hollywood studios to produce visual effects for the films Paddington Bear, Dracula and Jupiter Ascending.


The three new jobs are in addition to two other major film projects under way in Montréal (Edge of Tomorrow and the next RoboCop film).


When Framestore set up in Québec, it planned to create 200 jobs at its Montréal studio. With the new projects slated, the company now expects that number to increase to 250 by next April.



Source : La Presse


October 1st, 2013