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October 4, 2018

Functional Foods: Market Trends and Thriving Businesses

Focusing on plant-based superfoods, healthy food is at the forefront of today’s eating trends. Consumers want to eat better, right down to the smallest details! So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that there’s a growing interest in functional foods and nutraceuticals, which open up a new realm of possibilities for agri-food businesses.

Photo of a cranberry harvest


Not only are the research discoveries made primarily by the INAF and its numerous partners a boost for food processing in Québec, but the industry boasts a rich ecosystem that also includes producers and organizations like the CTAQ and UPA.


In addition, with its abundance and diversity of raw materials, its fertile land and its globally recognized food regulations, Québec’s functional food market could very well become the global benchmark.


Get to know 5 inspiring companies that are breaking new ground in food processing every day:


  • Agropur
    As the 41st-largest company in Québec, Agropur is Canada’s largest dairy cooperative. It produces a wide range of products, from milk to the finest cheeses, and focuses heavily on research and development.
  • Bio-K Plus International
    Located in Laval’s Biotech City, Bio-K Plus International is a family biotech company that specializes in research, manufacturing and marketing for the Bio-K+™ probiotic.
  • Fruit d’Or
    Fruit d'Or processes blueberries and cranberries, mainly in the form of dried fruit that it then exports to over 26 countries. In addition, it sells a wide array of neutraceuticals.
  • Seabiosis
    Located in the Gaspésie region, Seabiosis is a Québec company that is leading the way in growing seaweed and transforming it into food products.
  • Groupe EnvironeX
    No, not every company driving the industry’s success focuses on producing raw or processed food products! EnvironeX Group conducts chemical and microbiological testing and analysis for the environmental, agri-food, health and pharmaceutical industries, helping to spur innovation.

Trends and favourable opportunities

Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to the way their food is grown and its traceability. That’s why they’re turning to natural, locally sourced products. With so many of us in a hurry and looking for healthy foods able to meet our energy requirements quickly, bio-enrichment, fortification, biotechnology and nanotechnology promise to show up on our menus more and more often!


Investissement Québec and the food processing industry

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