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April 20, 2022

H2O Innovation: creating a better world one litre at a time

Eco-responsibility is about making the right decisions to be more productive, more innovative and greener. It means wanting to be a part of a global economy that is both responsible and sustainable, and at the same time, sharpens your competitive edge in your own sector. Québec companies are integrating clean technologies in order to contribute to a thriving, innovative, inclusive and open economy. One of these exceptional leaders is H2O Innovation Open a new window 

Water is Québec’s most precious resource, yet it’s often neglected and even poorly treated by users, whether they are industries, companies or simply citizens. Take for example the tragic story of Walkerton, a small community in Ontario, where several people died or became seriously ill as a result of fecal coliform contamination of the municipality's drinking water. Frédéric Dugré, President and CEO of H2O Innovation, asked himself how best to provide communities with safer, more viable, and better adapted treatment solutions.


Photo of a water treatment system


Today, H2O Innovation offers solutions to all of its municipal and industrial clients for drinking water, wastewater, water recycling, and even seawater desalination. H2O's goal is simple: to produce high-quality water that can be used in agriculture, industrial applications and, indirectly, at the table. This means water reuse is critical. "Municipalities and industries need to move forward with water reuse initiatives and technologies, and we are ready to help them do so," reads the company's homepage.


As the president of H2O Innovation points out, water is an economic driver for most countries. "If you don't have access to fresh water, you don't have access to energy sources, irrigation for agriculture and the means to provide your population with what they need to grow."


The company forged its success with patience and a lot of resilience since tackling a problem like this demands that people change their habits. In turn, this leads to discomfort that doesn't help when they are trying new ways of doing things. What works for other technologies - such as the lure of a new gadget that promises to revolutionize the world – doesn’t work so well in the environmental sector, where people are often reluctant to think differently.


However, clearly H2O Innovation is on the right track. The company was recently recognized for its tireless efforts when it was named Water Company of the Year by Global Water Intelligence Open a new window.


"If you want to break taboos and change ideas, I think there's a lot left to do," concludes Dugré.