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April 12, 2022

Lion Electric: A manufacturer that’s all in!

Eco-responsibility is about making the right decisions in order to be more productive, more innovative, and greener. It also means being part of a global economy that is both responsible and sustainable and, at the same time, sharpening your competitive edge in the sector in which you operate. Many Québec companies are integrating clean technologies in order to contribute to a thriving, innovative, inclusive, and open economy. Lion Electric Open a new windowIs one of these exceptional leaders.


Photo of Lion Electric Buses


Marc Bédard, President and Founder of Lion Electric, is all in, and he’s ready to prove it. Barely two years after the company was founded, the Lion Electric team made a bold decision: to bid farewell to hybrid vehicles and the principle of retrofitting (i.e. the conversion of diesel engines into electric motors) in order to concentrate on manufacturing heavy vehicles that are 100% electric!


Proudly displaying his entrepreneurial spirit, Marc Bédard has always been passionate about technology, engineering, and the business world. After numerous analyses and long reflections, his mind was made up: he would enter the demanding field of transportation. However, in doing so, he has adhered to one fundamental principle: to contribute to the community and to put the interests of Québec society at the forefront.


“We believe that the transportation electrification is a major catalyst for the improvement of our society, our environment, and our quality of life”, the company’s website says. To that end, the founder of the company adds: “I wanted to make a difference in the transportation field, which is an industry where, in my opinion, there is significant progress to be made. For example, in the school bus sector, very little has changed in the last 45 years. At Lion, our clear intention is to continue to have a significant impact on our society in the years to come.”


Result: Lion Electric has the capacity to manufacture up to 2,500 100% electric heavy vehicles annually at its plant in Saint-Jérôme, in the Laurentians. The company wants to “lead by example in transportation electrification” by becoming, and remaining, a North American leader in the production of eco-responsible school buses and trucks.


The transportation electrification industry is booming, and that trend will continue. Lion Electric is firmly focused on a greener future and, accordingly, the company continues to improve its products. Additionally, construction of a highly automated battery factory on the leading edge of technology is planned for 2022, as well as an annex to house a new innovation center. “That may seem like an ambitious slate of projects, but it’s really just the logical continuation of the accelerated pace of growth and development that we’ve maintained for the past 12 years!”