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September 15, 2015

Ludia Expands in Montréal

Ludia Inc., a subsidiary of FremantleMedia, has announced a substantial $30-million investment and the creation of 100 new positions in Montréal as part of a major expansion.


Photo of employees at the Ludia studio


The Montréal company, which specializes in designing video games for mobile platforms, has enjoyed immense international success thanks in large part to its most recent release, Jurassic World: The Game. Launched in April 2015, the game generated nearly $25 million in gross revenue in the month following the release of the blockbuster movie Jurassic World.


Phenomenal growth and promising projects

On the strength of that success, Ludia truly has the wind in its sails. The expansion of its Montréal studio will pave the way for taking on an additional 100 employees, who will join the roughly 300 people already working for the studio.


Four new video game franchises are already under development, and Ludia is delighted to be working on so many exciting projects that are sure to please huge numbers of consumers.


Montréal: a major player in the gaming industry

Montrealers’ know-how, expertise and creativity have earned a solid reputation in the gaming world. Some of the industry’s biggest names are developing globally recognized games in Québec, including Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the Assassin’s Creeds franchise, Watch Dogs, and more.


Founded in 2007, Ludia has received support from Investissement Québec and generous tax credits that have facilitated the studio’s growth.