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February 8, 2022

Québec, a booming quantum ecosystem

Quantum science is now an integral part of our daily lives. From our computers to our cell phones, the rules that define reality have radically changed. Quantum science is currently at an important stage in its evolution, and it has the potential to revolutionize the processing and transmission of information, and even the nature of the information itself.


Representation of a quantum ecosystem


Optical and electronic devices can leverage the power of quantum science to significantly improve their performance when compared to conventional technologies. In fact, the quantum technologies sector is booming, and numerous countries recognize that there is a tremendous opportunity to develop these technologies. In Québec, potential economic benefits similar to those generated by video games, artificial intelligence, and the visual effects sector are being forecast.


Projections by 204011


  • $142 billion in revenue in Canada
  • 229,000 new jobs in Canada
  • $27 billion in revenue in Québec
  • 45,000 new jobs in Québec

1 According to a National Research Council Canada estimate


Québec, the ideal location for developing quantum technologies


From design to industrial deployment, Québec has all of the necessary infrastructure to cover the entire value chain, in turn enabling the full development of quantum technology innovations.

“Québec has all of the necessary ingredients to launch and grow a quantum technologies company.”


– Hubert Bolduc, President, Investissement Québec International


Companies that set up in Québec have access to world-renowned researchers, as well as to 15 institutions, universities, and research centers focused on various industry sub-sectors. Among those resources, Institut quantique de Sherbrooke is one of the largest centers of quantum expertise in Canada. The Institute, with more than 40 years of involvement in the sector, covers the technology’s three main pillars: quantum computing, quantum communications, and quantum materials.


Industry leaders have chosen Québec


Several large companies operating in the quantum sector have established themselves in Québec. With more than 230,000 IT professionals, and nearly 10,000 businesses, the province is well-positioned to leverage the wealth created by quantum technology. Atos and 1QBit, among others, are among the giants that have already shown great interest in Canada's second largest tech hub. Other large companies with an interest in quantum technology, including IBM, ABB, Thales, and Ericsson, also have a presence in Québec.

Québec’s strongest sectors


From analytical instrumentation to tests and measurements, from imaging to vision systems, and from optical communications to
high-performance fiber optics, Québec is at the forefront of the photonics applications market.


The Québec microelectronics sector employs approximately 8,300 workers, and the greater Montréal region is one of the main players in the northeast microelectronics corridor, a global center of excellence.


Artificial Intelligence
Québec is proud to be a global hub of artificial intelligence and, according to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report, one of the most dynamic AI ecosystems. The province is also home to one of the highest concentrations of researchers in the world.

Solid government support and access to funding


Government support, tax credits, and access to financing are undeniably among the incentives to invest in quantum technologies in Québec. In fact, the Québec government has invested nearly $100 million to develop the sector over a 7-year period (2019-2026). Funding and access to multiple support organizations creates synergies and adds leverage for companies involved in the sector.


Investment by the numbers


  • More than $1 billion in quantum research in Canada in the last ten years
  • $360 million in the development of the sector in Canada over the next seven years
  • $133.4 million in research infrastructure in Québec, particularly in the quantum and artificial intelligence sectors
  • $600,000 at the National Optics Institute (INO) in support of industrial research in quantum photonics

A place for innovation


According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (2019), Canada is the most attractive country in the world for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, six of the ten most active venture capitalists in Canada are based in Québec (2020). It goes without saying that Québec has been a launching pad for numerous quantum innovations!


Examples include:


  • Qubic, developer of the world's first quantum microwave signal transmitter;
  • Infinity Q, developer of a CMOS-compatible (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) quantum optimization chip operating at room temperature;
  • SBQuantum, developer of diamond-based quantum magnetometers for commercial and research applications;
  • NordQuantique, developer of diamond-based quantum magnetometers for commercial and research applications;
  • Anyon, developer of quantum computer components: superconducting quantum processors, cryogenic systems, etc.


An innovation zone in Sherbrooke


The Québec government has announced that the city of Sherbrooke will be the site of one of the first two innovation zones in Québec. Sherbrooke Quantum will be focused on quantum sciences and technological applications. It will benefit from financial support to promote its projects, as well as its development as an innovation zone.


To learn more about Québec’s quantum ecosystem, visit
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