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March 10, 2022

Québec, a leader in the creation of unique experiences

From digital creativity to design, from media to audiovisuals, or from arts to architecture, our creative and cultural industries make up a vast ecosystem that is essential to many markets. We’re not always aware of the creative talent around us. However, without it, venues and events of all kinds would not have the same impact and success.


Photo of young woman wearing virtual reality glasses


Whether it’s an interactive installation or lighting a building, an audiovisual or scenographic design, or creating lighting and immersive environments, the ultimate goal is to ensure that the audience enjoys a memorable and unique experience. Not only does this lead to an increased number of tourists, visitors and revenues, it also reinforces the image of the city or company, while enhancing its architectural and cultural heritage. In the end, these creative industries are fundamental in many ways, and Québec is recognized worldwide for its expertise in this field.


Why Québec?


The experiential industry in Québec is unique because of its many complementary and interconnected businesses. From content creators (Cirque du Soleil, Cavalia, Massive Art) to equipment and technology suppliers (Stingray, Solotech, Vortex), Québec has everything at its disposal to create customized experiences, both here and internationally.


Doing business with Québec means:


  1. Benefiting from a large ecosystem of complementary suppliers to create outstanding experiences;
  2. Accessing a diverse range of solutions to meet all needs, from custom design to turnkey products and the integration of technologies and AI;
  3. Reaching out to the international market with Québec's expertise: events, theme parks, public places, etc;
  4. Benefiting from a vibrant innovation ecosystem, with cutting-edge expertise, R&D investments and intellectual property that stand out.


SXSW: A must-see destination for creative professionals from Québec and abroad


For the past few years, many of our Québec companies have been participating in South by Southwest, an annual event renowned for its conferences and festivals that celebrate the convergence of technology, film, music, education and culture. Once again, this year, some 40 of our organizations will be on hand in Austin, Texas to represent our homegrown talent.


Québec Day Open a new windowwill be held on March 14, 2022, in partnership with the City of Montreal. It's a deep dive into our culture through inspiring lectures, stimulating networking and lively beats. Immersive environments, art, technology, food and entertainment will be on the agenda!


To listen to the musical artists who will be there: Open a new window


Xn Québec: An essential place to connect for a highly diverse industry


Given the wide variety of fields in the creative industries, a place to connect is not only relevant, it’s even critical. And that’s where the Québec Association of Digital Experience Producers comes in. From creating and hosting key events, to lobbying public and political institutions, or to writing studies and producing content on digital creativity in Québec, Xn Québec does its utmost to contribute to the development, financing, recruitment and collaborations in this sector.


To learn more about Québec’s creative industries, visit Xn's website: Open a new window


To learn more about South by South West: Open a new window