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April 20, 2022

Sollum Technologies: Taking inspiration from nature to meet environmental challenges

Eco-responsibility is about making the right decisions to be more productive, more innovative and greener. It means wanting to be a part of a global economy that is both responsible and sustainable, and at the same time, sharpens your competitive edge in your own sector. Québec companies are integrating clean technologies in order to contribute to a thriving, innovative, inclusive and open economy. One of these exceptional leaders is Sollum Technologies Open a new window.

When you think of artificial intelligence, you might imagine many applications but did you know that AI can also be a very valuable tool in the field of lighting? Just ask the experts behind Sollum, which offers a fully programmable intelligent dynamic LED lighting solution that can recreate, modulate and perfect "the full spectrum of sunlight."


Photo of the Sollum’s fully programmable intelligent dynamic LED lighting solutionSollum


The company first saw light when university students François Roy-Moisan, Gabriel Dupras and Jacques Poirier designed a lighting system for the artistic restoration of paintings. To the group's surprise, this lighting later proved to be a real success for growing plants. And that paved the way for the future of the company.


Today, this technology allows greenhouse growers to produce food with energy savings of more than 40% compared to sodium fixtures, an increase in productivity of up to 40% over traditional LED performance, and "long food shelf life," says Jenny Zammit, the company's Vice President of Marketing and Operations. "Finally, the food is three times less polluting to produce and comes from Québec. In fact, the whole supply chain benefits!"


With brand new technology, the owners had to prove themselves to their future financial partners to gain their confidence in the potential of this innovative lighting solution. "Our technology responds to major challenges such as the disappearance of arable land and climate and demographic changes," says Zammit, who emphasizes the importance of developing sustainable and more local food production.


One of the big advantages of this new lighting technology is a cloud-based platform, Sunshine at Your ServiceTM, which allows the cultivation of a fruit or vegetable "regardless of its origin and the location of the greenhouse". As Zammit points out, it's now possible to grow Japanese citrus fruits in Laval. The solutions offered by the company are tailored to the needs of its customers.


To date, the company has successfully completed two major commercial installations in Ontario and Québec. And for the first time in the country, peppers have been produced in the middle of winter. It’s all about supporting and encouraging local and sustainable production on the planet with technology that lowers costs, increases yield per square meter and extends the growing season. It's hard to ask for more!