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March 4, 2015

Technicolor and Framestore Continue Growing in Montréal

MPC, a subsidiary of France's Technicolor Group, opened its visual effects studio in Montréal in 2013 with the goal of hiring 250 people. One year later, it had 300 employees, and by 2015 its workforce numbered 770. And that spectacular growth is far from over.


Photo of Framestore


“We’ve hired new people since the beginning of the year,” confirmed Frédéric Rose, Chief Executive Officer of Technicolor Group. In less than two years, the Montréal studio has become Technicolor Group’s largest visual effects studio for the film industry. “In the visual effects segment, we almost doubled our sales in the fourth quarter, thanks largely
to Montréal.”


The studio’s first project, X-Men: Days of Future Past, was nominated for best visual effects at the most recent Academy Awards. “That recognition sends out a very clear message,” Rose said. “Montréal is at the same level as other major centres like London and Vancouver.”


Framestore Montréal is recruiting

It’s the same story at the Montréal studio of U.K.-based Framestore, founded in 2013. With a full order book, the studio intends to increase its workforce from 200 to 300 people this year. “We plan to boost staffing by about 50%,” stated Dennis Hoffman, Senior Vice President of Framestore Montréal. In the course of the expansion, the studio will enlarge its premises and recruit both in Montréal and worldwide.


Framestore Montréal’s credits include Paddington, RoboCop and Edge of Tomorrow, and it is currently working on Tarzan and Pan. Once it reaches 300 employees, it will be the second-largest visual effects studio in Québec, after MPC.


Source: La Presse Affaires, February 25 and 26, 2015


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