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March 11, 2022

Trigo Énergies: when buildings create their own energy source

Eco-responsibility is about making the right decisions to be more productive, more innovative and greener. It means wanting to be a part of a global economy that is both responsible and sustainable, and at the same time, sharpens your competitive edge in your own sector. Québec companies are integrating clean technologies in order to contribute to a thriving, innovative, inclusive and open economy. One of these exceptional leaders is Trigo Énergies Open a new window.


Photo of a solar wall on a building


This Trois-Rivières company, founded by Jonathan Ayotte, has set an objective that clearly demonstrates its commitment to making a positive impact. Unhindered by technological constraints, the company works with teams of architects and engineers to design the most efficient solar collectors on the world market. Alarmed by the dramatic effects of global warming, the enterprise is looking to be a part of the solution rather than ignore the problem. This inspired the company to quickly begin installing solar walls on numerous buildings. These panels now cover an area of over 200,000 square feet, the equivalent of about four soccer fields. This adds up to a reduction of thousands of tons of greenhouse gases (GHG). Converting buildings into true renewable energy sources means building smart.


By developing new types of solar collectors, Trigo Énergies has succeeded with its ambitious goal to offer a technology that is clearly superior to what is available elsewhere on the market, and even defies physics to build the most efficient collectors for clean energy. All types of buildings, regardless of their configuration, are now able to benefit from the many advantages of an environmentally responsible technology. The result? Quantifiable, tangible energy savings that significantly reduce the cost of consuming gas or propane, which are expensive and highly polluting energy sources. This represents savings of 35 to 70% of the annual energy budget — a considerable gain.


Far from sitting on its laurels and waiting for praise, Trigo Énergies is building on its bold vision. This leading Québec player, which also offers invaluable consulting services to its ever-growing client roster, is striving to become one of the world's top companies in the evolving solar heating market. The firm is resolutely focused on its primary objective: to create a viable, innovative and efficient eco-responsible company that actively and significantly contributes to the reduction of GHGs in order to leave a healthy planet for future generations. Trigo Énergies is truly rising to the challenge!