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Technology Integration Central to Québec’s Industrial Policy - Élaine Zakaïb Announces Support for a Project to Create 300 Highly Skilled Jobs and Protect 425 Others

Bromont, February 27, 2014 – Élaine Zakaïb, the Minister for Industrial Policy and the Banque de développement économique du Québec, announced today that Teledyne DALSA and its subsidiary Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor will be granted financial aid totalling $13 million, through Investissement Québec, to support a two-part, $67.3-million investment project. In all, 300 specialized jobs in digital imaging and semiconductors will be created in the Montréal and Montérégie areas, and 425 other positions will be maintained.


“Our government is working to make Québec a knowledge-based society by promoting investment in technology sectors that are promising for our economy,” explained Élaine Zakaïb. “Our support for the projects announced today will help Teledyne DALSA and its subsidiary Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor hire and train engineers, researchers and highly skilled technicians who will extend the reach of Québec’s know-how to locations worldwide. Creating quality jobs and attracting strategic investments to Québec are the cornerstones of Québec’s Economic Policy—Putting Jobs First.”


The financial aid includes a $3-million grant, which will be awarded to Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor for the first part of the project, evaluated at $35 million and focused on increasing the production capacity for MEMS (micro electromechanical system) chips. A $10-million loan, refundable through royalties, will be granted to Teledyne DALSA for the second part of the project, which is estimated at $32.3 million and involves the design and implementation of an infrared sensor production line.


Teledyne DALSA is the Canadian division of American multinational Teledyne Technologies, a leader in digital imaging and semiconductors. Teledyne DALSA specializes in research and development of technology products and employs 90 people at its Montréal facility. Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor, which is based in Bromont, has a workforce of 335.


MEMS chips are used to make a wide range of consumer products, particularly in the automotive and telecommunications sectors. In the past few years, the MEMS market has grown considerably. Imaging technology is used in cameras and infrared sensors, which Teledyne DALSA would eventually like to manufacture in Québec. This market is also experiencing strong growth.


“This investment project will bolster our momentum in Québec,” asserted Brian Doody, Chief Executive Officer of Teledyne DALSA Inc. “The development and full production of cameras and infrared sensors will strengthen our dominant position in the digital imaging and semiconductor market, which is now booming. The expansion of our MEMS chip production capacity will enable us to meet the growing demand for microsystems, which are becoming more and more vital in many sectors.”


“Québec has to strengthen its status as a knowledge-based society,” reiterated Minister Zakaïb. “Initiatives like the one announced today spotlight the scope of our technological expertise and our considerable potential in this area. Québec’s Industrial Policy emphasizes greater integration of promising technologies within businesses so we can increase the manufacturing sector’s competitiveness.”


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