Siemens Energy Canada

February 14, 2022

Installation of Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy Canada

Arne Wohlschlegel, directeur général

Building Networks, Powering Growth

Siemens has seen Québec as a strategic marketplace for developing and manufacturing our energy products and deploying our technologies as part of the Québec power system.

How long has your company been operating in Québec?


Siemens companies have been active in Québec since 1912. In fact, Siemens’ first national head office was in Montréal. From here, Siemens set out to meet the nation’s engineering and infrastructure needs, helping power the growth of Québec and Canada. Over the years, we continued to invest in our Québec operations, making significant acquisitions and opening new facilities. In 2020, Siemens Canada’s energy division was spun off into Siemens Energy Canada.

As you know, Investissement Québec offers businesses financial support for their projects. Is that support an important factor for you? How have you benefited?


Siemens Energy has been partnering with Investissement Québec (IQ) for many years, on several projects. The organization’s services and support have been critical in growing our business in Québec, including developing new technologies, supporting skills development, etc. That has allowed us to remain competitive in global markets. As a partner, Investissement Québec is very responsive—an important asset in these changing markets. It also understands how financial support can make business investment very attractive for global stakeholders.


Another advantage in working together is the extensive network of industry partners that Investissement Québec delivers. Connecting with like-minded companies, especially when it comes to developing new technologies, is a welcome value add.


As a subsidiary of a multinational, describe your business experience in Québec. Where do you see potential for greater support from the Québec government?


Although Siemens Energy was incorporated only recently, the company has a long legacy in Québec as part of Siemens Canada, dating back over one hundred years. Right from the start, Siemens has seen Québec as a strategic marketplace for developing and manufacturing our energy products and deploying our technologies as part of the Québec power system. Québec is uniquely positioned thanks to its clean and competitive hydroelectricity. The province is also a technology and climate leader, and it has considerable expertise and a supportive government framework backed by a forward-looking, long-term vision. We have acquired and groomed a number of businesses in Québec to be competitive contributors to the Siemens energy supply network.


Although we are a global company, investment decisions are ultimately made at the local level. Governments should continue to make regional businesses aware of local competitive advantages and strategic investment opportunities. Also, the energy sector is transforming rapidly, and support programs need to be updated frequently.


What's your opinion of the Québec's government approach to promoting Québec and attracting multinational companies to invest?


We find the government’s approach is in line with best practices. We appreciate how our Investissement Québec partners proactively engage with us and have a solid grasp of our business challenges and opportunities. They also understand how investment decisions are made in multinational companies and are more than willing to roll up their sleeves and work with us.


Based on your Québec expérience, would you recommend Québec and Investissement Québec to other companies, regardless of their size?


I would certainly recommend that any company thinking about investing in North America contact the organization. Québec is a very attractive market, and Investissement Québec can provide constructive guidance and invaluable assistance with the
decision-making process.

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