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PADAT: A Program Supporting the Development of Tourist Attractions


Ideal for tourism businesses


Tourism is a key sector of Québec’s economy and a phenomenal driver of regional development. PADAT, the support program for the development of tourist attractions, offers you attractive, flexible solutions.

Investissement Québec administers this program on behalf of Tourisme Québec.


Financing designed to meet your needs

Just as you adapt to your customers, we adapt to you! Whether you want to build up your working capital or fund the acquisition of equipment and capital assets, this program is designed for you.



A loan or loan guarantee

Financial products adapted to your needs

Financing ranging from $150,000 to $5 million

Financing based on the scope of your project

Financing covering up to 60% of eligible project costs

The freedom to retain your cash flows for ongoing operations

A maximum term of 20 years

The ability to plan for the future with confidence

Deferral of principal repayment for up to 3 years

The power to use your cash flows while the project is under way

A loan guarantee covering up to 70% of a net loss

Greater capacity to obtain financing from a financial institution


  • Each project’s financing must include a minimum contribution from private sources equivalent to at least 20% of the total cost.
  • Principal repayments are fixed. However, they may be variable if the business’s revenues are seasonal or subject to fluctuation.
  • Securities will be adjusted according to the realities of the tourism industry and the projects in question.
  • Interest rates and loan guarantee fees depend on the nature of the project.
  • Special conditions may apply.

Financing tailored to the tourism industry

Whether you run a for-profit corporation, a cooperative or a non-profit organization, our program is for you. To be eligible, your project must address the priorities set out in the Québec government’s 2012–2020 development plan for the tourism industry Open a new window. (in French)


* Start-up companies, municipalities and government-owned corporations are not eligible.


Projects are eligible if they support the following PADAT priorities:


  • Increasing the number of visitors
  • Increasing tourism revenues
  • Creating jobs


Projects must also support one of the Ministère’s current or future sectoral strategies:


  • Strategy to develop winter tourism
  • Strategy to develop event tourism
  • Strategy to develop nature and adventure tourism
  • Strategy to develop St. Lawrence tourism
  • Strategy to develop tourism north of the 49th parallel


Projects targeting the following activities are eligible:


  • Consolidation, implementation, expansion or modernization of a tourist attraction, amenity, specialized product or service
  • Construction, expansion or rehabilitation of tourism infrastructure


Non-eligible projects:


  • Projects involving retail trade and the restaurant sector
  • Projects involving services that are directly related to accommodations for companies operating an accommodation facility within the census metropolitan areas of Montréal and Québec City
  • Projects involving games of chance
  • Projects involving the sale and consumption of alcohol
  • Projects that have already been completed or are under way


Notwithstanding the above, in relation to an agritourism or food tourism project, financing may be provided for work on facilities and/or amenities required for the sale of products stemming from such projects, as these components are essential to the tourism experience provided to visitors.

Did you know?

The Programme d’appui au développement des attraits touristiques (PADAT) covers up to 60% of eligible project costs. This enables you to earmark your cash flows for your regular operations as you work to make your plans a reality.


Complete the Application for financial assistance - Loan and Loan Guarantee  (in French) form and return it, along with the documents indicated in the form, to


For more information, contact:

an Investissement Québec advisor, at 1 844 474-6367,




an advisor at Tourisme Québec, Direction du partenariat et des programmes d’aide financière en tourisme, at 418 643-5959, ext. 3408.

June 2020


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