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If you are organized as a cooperative—or thinking about it—and wish to buy out a company, Investissement Québec is your preferred partner!

  • A specialized team of experienced cooperative financing experts
  • A large business network in Québec
  • A comprehensive financial offering
  • Long-term financing


The new Cooperative Buyout Support Program (PARC), administered by Investissement Québec as part of the Economic Development Fund, has a budget of $50 million. The program’s objective is to allow cooperatives to benefit from advantageous conditions for the full or partial buyout of a business to ensure its succession.

These conditions are as follows: :

  • At least $100,000 and up to $2 million in financial assistance
  • Repayment over a maximum period of 15 years
  • A fixed interest rate (re-assessed every five years) equivalent to Québec government bond yields plus 1.25%
  • A sliding scale of interest for the first five years
  • A moratorium on the principal repayment of up to three years for a full buyout


The vast majority of activity sectors are eligible for this program.


Moreover, this measure will complement the investment of cooperative buyers and leverage the financing of larger-scale buyouts, reducing the financial burden on investors.


Investissement Québec is a preferred partner aiming for the long-term success of the projects in which it takes part. We can also work together and share the risk with your financial institution or your financial partners.

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March 2018


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