Innovative manufacturer

Innovative Manufacturer Financing

Secure a fast loan from Investissement Québec to hire an expert and start your innovation project or commercialize an innovative product.

Our financing solution

Term loan to finance implementation costs for a project designed to raise the business’s level of innovation or support the commercialization of an innovation.

Our terms and conditions



  • Minimum financing : $50,000
  • Maximum financing : $250,000


100 %


  • May cover up to 100% of project costs
  • Single disbursement


12 months


  • 12-month deferral of principal repayment
  • Monthly repayment over a minimum of 48 months
  • Floating interest rate
  • Mandatory sureties of up to 25% of the loan amount
  • No security


1 %


  • Review fee (maximum 1%)
  • Annual management fee of no more than $250
  • No cancellation fee
  • No availability fee

Examples of eligible projects


Image of an engineer who is testing software
  • Consultation fees related to the launch of an innovation process
  • Expenses incurred to hire experts
  • Working capital expenses incurred to commercialize a new innovative product

Eligibility criteria

QUÉBEC MANUFACTURING COMPANIES that meet the following criteria:


  • Have been active for at least three years
  • Have at least $2 million in sales
  • Have 15 or more full-time employees
  • Have a sound financial and operational structure

What is an innovative manufacturer?


Innovative manufacturers implement, connect and leverage new technologies to make value-added exportable products and achieve dynamic growth in their markets.

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