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Financing of Refundable Tax Credits

Your money available right away

Tax credits provide tangible evidence of the government's support for Québec businesses. At Investissement Québec, we can help you transform these future inflows into cash today.

Did you know?


Illustration indicating that financing can cover up to 100% of refundable tax credits

With refundable tax credit financing, you can receive up to 100% of the total anticipated amount of your refundable tax credits for one fiscal year, right away.



Put your tax credits to work today

We know every situation is unique. That’s why we offer flexible terms tailored to your needs.



A loan or loan guarantee

A financial product that meets your requirements

Minimum financing of $50,000 for SRED tax credits and $20,000 for other
tax credits

Financing for all your projects, large and small

Financing for up to 100% of the refundable tax credits anticipated in one fiscal year

The chance to put your refundable tax credits to work immediately

A loan guarantee for up to 80% of a net loss

The possibility of obtaining additional funding, if required

Repayment of capital directly from your tax credit payment

Worry-free repayment

Projects eligible for refundable tax credits pursuant to tax legislation:


Tax credits for scientific research and experimental development (SRED)


Tax credits for the digital transformation of print media companies


Tax Credit to Support Print Media Companies


Tax credits related to the knowledge-based economy:


  • Development of E-Business (CDAE)
  • Production of Multimedia Titles


Tax credits related to payroll:


  • Gaspésie and Certain Maritime Regions of Québec (GAS)


Other tax credits


  • Investments for Manufacturing and Processing Equipment
  • Construction or Conversion of a Vessel (CTN)
  • Technological Adaptation Services (SAT)
  • Tax credits for the integration of IT (CTIM)
  • Any other refundable tax credit


Eligibility Criteria


Your business is eligible for tax credit financing if it qualifies for a refundable tax credit.


Special Requirements
Your business must submit a cash budget that will have to be deemed to be sufficient to support the business’s operations.



Applications for a guarantee for financing of refundable tax credits:



For financing of the refundable Investment Tax Credit, please contact your portfolio manager or Customer Service at 1 844 474-6367.


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***Since the Business Statement form now has to be submitted via DocuSign, it will be emailed to you by your account manager.

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You have questions?

Contact our

Information and Contact Service

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