Life Sciences

Infinite potential for innovation

Québec’s pool of skilled research personnel ranks among the world’s best. What’s more, the environment here strongly encourages collaboration between companies and research centres involved in state-of-the art technological infrastructures. That’s how we spur scientific innovation in Québec.

Québec: Companies connecting with talent


There’s a powerful synergy in Québec, thanks to the vitality of the research centres, funding organizations and partnerships with the companies designing, developing and testing new medical technologies and innovative products.


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Discover Québec's talent


The life-sciences industry in Québec employs more than 25,400 individuals, including over 10,000 researchers in biomedical research centres.


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Innovation and the competitive edge


No matter what their area of expertise, Québec life-sciences companies have one point in common: a spirit of innovation.


Click below to see how businesses in the top industry sectors have made their mark: pharmaceuticals, health biotechnology, contract research, manufacturing and medical technology.


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We've got R&D covered!


Scientists and researchers abound in Québec, and they have a genuine passion for what they do! Examples include Dr. Guy Sauvageau and researchers Rémi Quirion, Marc-André D’Aoust, François Auger, and many others. With research groups and centres recognized by the international scientific community, Québec is the ideal place to do R&D.


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Major international breakthroughs


Companies and researchers based in Québec are leading the way in fields critical to today's healthcare challenges. For instance, consider the advances in nanomedicine that will one day allow doctors to target tumours more precisely during treatment.


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Customized financial products


We assist you in the process of setting up your company in Québec, providing step-by-step guidance and financial products to meet your needs. We can also help you forge strategic alliances with Québec firms and carry out major projects in Québec.


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