A great place for R&D

Québec is known as one of the most favourable locations for R&D activities. What’s more, thanks to its generous tax measures businesses can cut their R&D expenses. Québec boasts a number of private and public research centres that work closely with the private sector and promote innovation in products and services.


Scientist studying his plant experiment


MacDonald Campus – McGill University
The Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is internationally recognized for research that advances knowledge and solves problems related to agriculture, food and the environment. Researchers have access to world-class research facilities on both of McGill’s campuses and in McGill’s unique network of field stations. The Research Office helps link researchers with external partners and keeps researchers informed of funding opportunities and other research-related news.


Keep up with new developments in your industry

If you'd like to learn more about the issues facing Québec's agri-food industry, a number of organizations and associations provide information and opportunities for dialogue.

Did you know?


A foreign specialist or researcher who decides to settle in Québec can receive a five-year provincial tax exemption for R&D.


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