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When it comes to aerospace, Québec means innovation.


Illustration indicating “70% of Research and Development conducted in Montréal”
  • Québec has about 20 public and private research centres that work closely with private companies and play a key role in driving innovation for products and services.
  • Major R&D investors such as Pratt & Whitney, Bombardier Aerospace and CAE are located in Montréal.
  • Nearly 70% of all Canadian aerospace R&D is carried out in the Greater Montréal area, representing an investment of approximately $700 million a year.

Photo of a satellite orbiting the Earth and the logo, courtesy of the Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Québec (CRIAQ)Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Québec (CRIAQ)


This consortium was formed by a number of aerospace companies wishing to undertake joint R&D projects. CRIAQ Open a new window's mission is to harness the power of innovation and pool competencies and capabilities in order to find solutions to the aerospace industry's concerns. It's a wonderful example of the spirit of cooperation and mutual support that characterizes the industry!

  • Recent major innovations in Québec

    CAE launches RealCase (2011)
    CAE broke new ground with RealCase, its new pilot training program. Drawing on real events as its inspiration and reproducing an aircraft cockpit environment in exact detail, CAE’s program helps pilots gain experience in a safe setting. This teaching method, which has been proven effective in the business and legal sectors and at the graduate level in medical schools, has now been used for the first time in pilot training. And it all started in Québec!

  • Recent major innovations in Québec

    Ellison Surface Technologies chooses Bromont (2012)
    In Québec, one aerospace company can often attract another! That was the case for U.S. company Ellison Surface Technologies, which decided to set up operations in Bromont so it could be near its main customer, GE Aviation Canada, and position itself as an integral part of GE’s production line.

  • Recent major innovations in Québec

    GE Aviation Bromont spreads its wings (2012)
    In 2012, GE Aviation Bromont created two world-class centres of excellence with support from the Québec government. The company, which specializes in manufacturing aircraft turbine components, is now playing a crucial role in making Québec’s aerospace industry better known worldwide. Its two centres of excellence will serve GE Aviation manufacturing facilities in countries around the world.

  • Recent major innovations in Québec

    $150 million earmarked to develop a green aircraft (2011)
    In 2011, the Québec government and six strategic partners from the Québec aerospace industry launched a project to develop an environmentally friendly aircraft. Aiming to promote sustainable development, the innovative project will enable Québec to maintain its leadership in the aerospace industry. Total project investments are estimated to be $150 million.

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If you’d like to learn more about the issues facing Québec’s aerospace industry, a number of industry stakeholders and associations provide information and opportunities for dialogue.


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