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Siemens invests $132.6 million in Québec

Logo of Siemens

Siemens will invest $110.6 million at its Dorval plant to design aeroderivative gas turbines as well as $22 million to implement an Industry 4.0 expertise platform in collaboration with Investissement Québec and other partners and an integrated training system for the workplace inspired from the German dual model.


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Top-Level Meetings and close to $640 Million in Investments for Québec

Photo of Éric Dequenne, Pierre Gabriel Côté and Luigi Ambrosio in Davos

The World Economic Forum in Davos gave Investissement Québec President and CEO Pierre Gabriel Côté the opportunity to meet with over a dozen leaders of multinationals and take part in announcements on investments of close to $640 million for Québec.


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ArcelorMittal Invests Nearly $500 Million in Québec

Photo of the ArcelorMittal's facilities on the Côte-Nord

Over the next four years, the world’s leading steelmaker will upgrade its installations in Québec’s Côte-Nord region.


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ABB to Invest $90 million in Montréal

Photo of charging stations for electric vehicles

Swiss engineering firm ABB chose Montréal for its North American Centre for Excellence in e-Mobility, which will focus on developing energy-management solutions for electric buses and trains.


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Microsoft to Invest in R&D on Artificial Intelligence in Montréal

Image composed of human head, numbers and visual elements as a metaphor on artificial intelligence

Over the next two years, Microsoft will double the size of Maluuba, the Montréal startup it recently acquired in order to intensify its R&D in artificial intelligence. The tech giant will also grant $6 million to Université de Montréal and $1 million to McGill University to support AI research.


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Thomas & Betts invests $19 million to modernize a plant in Québec

Photo of multicolored electrical cables

With backing from Investissement Québec, Thomas & Betts is kicking off a modernization project for its Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu plant thanks to $1.5 million in financial support from the Québec government.


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IBM Relocates Services to Montréal

Photo of employees in front of computers

Another good example of reshoring : IBM is bringing back to Montréal services and jobs that had been offshored to low-cost countries.


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Adaptative Financial Consulting to Open an R&D Centre in Montréal

Photo of a hand manipulating a touchscreen tablet

The British company specializing in e-commerce fintech will open a North American research and development centre in Montréal where it will benefit from competitive costs and highly skilled workers.


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Morgan Stanley Keeps On Growing in Montréal

Photo of Morgan Stanley employees in front of computers

The Montréal Technology and Engineering Centre of New York-based financial group Morgan Stanley already has nearly 1,000 employees and continues to hire 10 to 15 people a week.


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Google invests $4.5 million in AI research in Montréal

Image composed of human head, numbers and visual elements as a metaphor on artificial intelligence

The tech giant is funding groundbreaking artificial intelligence and machine learning research in the city and opening its own AI think-tank in its Montréal office.


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STELIA, Danone Canada and Ubisoft Honoured in Montréal

A scene from the game Watch Dogs 2 by Ubisoft

Congratulations to the three winners of the Tribute Awards handed out on November 4 at Montréal International’s Greater Montréal Attractiveness Forum!


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Creaform invests $20 million in new headquarters in Lévis, Québec

Illustration of Creaform's new headquarters

The worldwide leader in portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, will move its headquarters to new facilities in November 2017 in order to support its growth.


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Secure a fast loan to get your innovation project off the ground

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Before starting an innovation project, you’ll want to hire an expert, get some sound advice and draw up a business plan. We can provide a loan to help finance this step.


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Siemens Gets Government Support for its $1-Million Project

Siemens's logo

Siemens has obtained a $250,000 contribution from the Québec government for its $1-million retrofit project in Trois-Rivières.


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