Why Québec?
Innovations and Commercial Successes

Innovation and creativity are part of Quebecers’ DNA, but it’s their ingenuity and sense of daring that allow them to capitalize on those strengths. The result? Projects that have people everywhere talking!


That tradition of creativity, daring and ingenuity is reflected directly in Québec’s labour market:


  • 31% of Canada’s industrial R&D jobs are found in Québec;
  • 29% of Canadian industrial R&D expenditures are made in Québec.

Here are just a few of the innovative companies operating in Québec:  


Many players in the business world (large corporations, SMBs, research centres) are joining forces to launch projects that spur development and open new vistas for key economic sectors. These partnerships come under the stewardship of the Québec Research and Innovation Strategy (QRIS) initiated in 2010. The Oser innover campaign, publicly launched in 2017, aims to position Québec among the top-ten OECD leaders in research and innovation.


Here are examples of such projects, representing investments of over $400 million:


  • Electric bus
  • Green aircraft
  • Forest biorefinery processes
  • The artificial intelligence supercluster in Montréal
  • Smart Manufacturing 2.0 (SM2) – The sawmill of the future
  • Precision medicine and big data processing in healthcare

A number of Québec companies have decided to form precompetitive research consortiums, thanks in part to government encouragement in the form of generous tax credits! By joining forces, these new partners can share the costs and risks involved in R&D projects.


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Businesses and public sector institutions—universities, technical schools, technology transfer centres and public research centres—have come together to form industrial research clusters. These coalitions serve as targeted collaborative research platforms focusing on the needs of specific industries.


Did you know?

Illustration indicating “R&D: Cut your expenses by nearly 35%”Significant tax advantages for innovation

Generous tax credits to promote public-private partnerships are available in Québec, making research profitable for everyone!



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