Major multimedia players

Québec is known for the skill and talent of its workforce in the area of production services. A number of studios specializing in technical services for film post-production are located here.


Autodesk, Mikros-Image, Rodeo FX, Mokko Studio, Hybrid Technologies and Vision Globale are just some of the firms providing post-production services for film, television and video.

Pioneers in animation and visual effects

Industry watchers the world over know that Québec is the birthplace of many internationally renowned companies specializing in visual effects and animation software.


Photo of the “Fête des lumières” event in Lyon, France, a Moment Factory production, courtesy of Moment Factory
  • Softimage, Digital Dimension, Discreet Logic, Toon Boom, Kaydara (Autodesk) and
    Miranda are just some of the innovative companies that top the list of world leaders in this field.
  • Moment Factory made quite a splash at Super Bowl 2012. The Québec company did Madonna’s visual effects for the prestigious halftime show. In 2013, it also designed seven multimedia installations for Los Angeles International Airport that combine art, technology and multimedia to provide travellers with a unique interactive sensory experience. Moment Factory has worked for such greats as Cirque du Soleil, Céline Dion, Arcade Fire and Nine Inch Nails.

Over 150 titles for Digital Dimension


The Digital Dimension logo, courtesy of Digital DimensionDigital Dimension is a major Québec animation and visual effects studio. The six-time Emmy winner has over 150 titles to its credit in the film, television and interactive entertainment industry. Highlights include Clash of the Titans, Pink Panther 2, LOST and The Last Samurai.




Intelligent vibration technology

If D-BOX has its way, the movie experience will never be the same. The Québec company designs and manufactures cutting-edge high-tech motion systems for the entertainment industry. D-BOX recently created robots that fit under a seat or platform, where they generate motion perfectly synchronized with the action on the screen. The D-BOX system is now widely used in the U.S.


Multimedia and film: perfect partners

Today’s special effects, video game and film industries are totally interconnected, fitting together perfectly like pieces of a puzzle. They inspire each other and feed off each other’s challenges, sparking a spectacular explosion of creativity!

The Québec film industry at a glance


Film productions shot in Québec generate over 35,000 direct jobs and total sales of $1.3 billion.


  • More than 500 production and distribution companies are located here.
  • In the last five years, 170 foreign productions have been shot in Montréal.
  • Québec’s workforce is qualified, talented, creative and very productive.

Hybride Technologies: Part of Avatar’s success


A scene showing the “link room” on which the Hybride Technologies team worked, courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film CorporationWhen the film Avatar hit the big screen in 2009, it promised to revolutionize the special effects world—and audiences were not disappointed! Did you know that Québec had a hand in that success? Hybride Technologies, a division of Ubisoft, produced some hundred stereoscopic shots and a host of graphic elements for the biggest box-office hit in movie history.


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