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Montréal’s Artificial Intelligence Hub

Montréal has become a global hub of artificial intelligence (AI) research, thanks in part to:


  • the presence and work of international pioneering figures like Yoshua Bengio;
  • the world’s largest concentration of AI researchers, found right here in Montréal;
  • the growing number of computer science and software development engineers; and
  • the presence of major global players like Google and Microsoft, along with their investments in the industry.


Here are a few profiles of Montréal AI ecosystem leaders—some well known, some not.


  • Automat Open a new windowis a messaging and indexing bot-focused start-up with over 15 patents in areas like voice recognition and natural language understanding.
  • Element AI Open a new windowis an incubator that helps organizations harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Boasting a research lab connected to the world’s top universities, Element AI creates and incubates novel AI-first solutions in partnership with large corporations.
  • Facebook Open a new windowis developing new AI algorithms in its new Montréal lab, its first in Canada. Its research will help improve the effectiveness of virtual assistants by better understanding online dialogue mechanisms.
  • Fluent AI Open a new windowoffers a patented voice recognition solution that works with most languages and accents, allowing for natural-language interactions with voice-operated systems and machines.
  • Imagia Open a new windowuses deep learning to analyze medical imaging data to predict cancer patient outcomes with increasing accuracy. Yoshua Bengio assists Imagia as a scientific advisor for learning aspects.
  • Nuance Open a new windowemploys over 140 researchers at several labs, including one in Montréal, that focus on artificial intelligence and natural language processes.
  • Google Open a new windowand Microsoft Open a new windoware also part of Montréal’s AI ecosystem. Google’s Montréal team formed its own research group, led by researcher Hugo Larochelle and connected to the Google Brain team in California, while Microsoft acquired Maluuba.

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