Ground transportation
A solid, dynamic industry

Ground transportation companies operate in a wide variety of fields, including commercial vehicles, recreational and specialty, automobiles and rail transportation.


An illustration reading “650 companies, 31,000 employees”
  • Some 650 ground transportation companies of all sizes operate in Québec.
  • Major prime contractors are supported by a wide array of dynamic SMBs.
  • The industry employs over 31,000 employees.

Electric buses: Public transit of the future

A photo of a Nova Bus hybrid city busQuébec is committed to driving the future. In 2012, to spur development activity, the government announced a $60-million initiative to design and build a prototype for an electric city bus made of aluminum within three years. The goal is to develop a high-performance bus able to capture a share of this promising market. To carry out the ambitious project, the government has joined forces with a variety of flourishing private sector
companies (Volvo Open a new window, TM4 Open a new window, Giro Open a new window, Sigma Industries Open a new window, Bolloré Open a new windowand Precicad Open a new window) as well as a few of Québec’s renowned research centres.

An industry focused on the future

The outlook for this industry is excellent worldwide and especially in North America, where major projects continue to be launched. Why not take advantage of these business opportunities?


  • Both Montréal and Toronto, Canada’s largest cities, intend to renew a substantial share of their subway and streetcar fleets.
  • Plans have been announced to develop high-speed train corridors to the United States.
  • Numerous ground transportation electrification projects are under way in Québec, while others are under study.

A skilled workforce

By investing heavily in postsecondary education, Quebec has expanded access and achieved one of the highest graduation rates in OECD countries. Companies can draw from an impressive pool of qualified engineers, with over 60,000 among the ranks of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec alone.

One innovation leads to another!

Since Québec’s transportation industry boasts major innovative players in a number of key sectors, collaborative efforts are easier to initiate, encouraging the development of cutting-edge solutions. One example is
Dassault Systèmes Open a new window, which has developed a 3D modelling platform that allows manufacturers to create virtual prototypes of vehicle parts before undertaking their actual design. In this way, they are able to design parts that integrate seamlessly with each other and create high-performance vehicles to meet a broad spectrum of market needs.


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