Why Québec?
Operating Costs

With affordable labour costs, energy rates that are among the world’s lowest, reasonably priced rents and one of the most competitive tax rates in North America, Québec has everything companies need to compete on the world stage.

A bar chart comparing operating costs in Québec and the U.S., Italy, Germany and Japan


Figures that speak volumes!

  • Québec’s labour costs average 34% less than in the United States and 16% less than in G7 countries*.
  • In Québec, electricity costs are 36% lower than in the U.S. and 49% lower, on average, than in the G7 countries*.
  • Office space rents average 47% less than in the U.S. and 51% less than in the G7 countries*.

* The G7 countries are Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. From KPMG Open a new window, Competitive Alternatives 2016 Edition.


A generous tax regime that encourages investment

Québec businesses benefit from the province’s competitive tax system.


  • Québec’s taxes on investment are among the lowest in Canada and lower than the average rates in the United States, G7 countries and OECD countries. They are also among the lowest in North America.
  • To stimulate manufacturing investments, Québec offers an investment tax credit covering up to 24% of the cost of newly purchased manufacturing and processing equipment.
  • Finally, Québec reimburses the sales tax on capital goods

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