Why Québec?
Tax Incentives

Québec has chosen to encourage its businesses by putting in place a generous tax regime that reduces operating costs significantly. Of course, that’s nothing new: Québec’s companies have been enjoying its benefits for over 25 years! What’s more, the tax regime is rounded out by a number of targeted financial incentives.


Illustration indicating “Corporate tax of 26.9% in 2016”

  • With a corporate tax rate of 26.9% in 2016, Québec boasts one of the most competitive rates for manufacturing and non-manufacturing companies in North America.
  • Canada has a number of advantages over countries like the United States, Italy, France and Germany:
  • Canada imposes the lowest tax burden on new investments.
  • It has the lowest corporate tax rate of all these countries.



Taxation in Québec, 2016

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Favourable Measures to Foster Investment

To stimulate its economy, Québec has chosen to encourage businesses by providing some of the most generous tax measures in the world. Updated in May 2016.


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Generous incentives for investment 

Investissement Québec is not just an economic development agency: it can also help you secure the funding you need in addition to the competitive tax rate and many other investment incentives that Québec companies enjoy.

As well as assisting you with your Québec expansion plans, Investissement Québec’s experts will help you find the financial solutions that are right for you!


In addition to these financial products, numerous tax incentives are also available:




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