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As a subsidiary of Investissement Québec, Ressources Québec is the gateway for companies seeking to invest in the mining and hydrocarbon industries.


Ressources Québec supports resource companies at every stage of their projects, from exploration and development through to processing. It offers a full range of financial products, including investments in share capital, debentures and various types of loans.


Ressources Québec focuses on projects that have good return prospects and foster Québec's economic development. Its role is complementary to private funders.

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A First Diamond Mine for Québec

Québec’s first diamond mine will start commercial production this fall, the happy result of an alliance between Stornoway and our subsidiary, Ressources Québec.

Ressources Québec has capitalization of more than $500 million for investments in these industries. 


Ressources Québec also manages the Capital Mines Hydrocarbures (CMH) fund, which has a $1 billion funding envelope, which includes $500 million for projects carried out on the Plan Nord territory and $500 million for Québec as a whole. This fund will enable the Québec government to acquire stakes in mining and oil and gas companies that exploit and process minerals in Québec.


An investment policy Open a new windowdeveloped by the Québec government clarifies the guidelines governing project analysis, investment and divestiture decisions, and fund management.

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