Success stories

Officially inaugurated on July 31, 2012, MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI) is a research facility like no other. More than a simple technology showcase, C2MI brings together businesses in the microelectronics industry, college and university partners, and commercial players.


The idea behind C2MI is to help its members produce market-driven prototypes of electronic devices in different fields, such as information technology, communications and transportation, in order to speed up commercialization.

C2MI strives to offer a breeding ground for research and innovation. Each member welcomes its own designers, engineers and scientists, who all work side by side and interact on innovative areas of mutual interest. This approach results in some excellent ideas.


Prestigious partners

The Université de Sherbrooke teamed up with booming companies like IBM and Teledyne DALSA, which worked together to set up C2MI. It was in the Bromont area of Québec that C2MI’s founders received the support they needed to foster their vision of the future and development. “Without these prestigious partners, who brought their vision of what the centre should be,” says C2MI President and CEO Normand Bourbonnais, “it would have been much harder to get this unique project off the ground and create synergy that could attract other complementary, successful businesses, like Varitron, a fast-growing Québec company.”


A one-stop shop for commercialization

Since it is far easier to sell a process with the equipment, C2MI collaborates with equipment manufacturers to adapt its innovations to commercial manufacturing and test its new approaches. Any new product designed at  C2MI is developed on equipment that is state-of-the-art and competitive in the long term, in order to accelerate commercialization.


The centre for research and experimental development also offers complementary expertise in industrial design and marketing according to a unique and totally innovative model.


Member companies created C2MI because they felt they could better contribute to developing the processes of the future through idea-sharing and mutual support. Their success so far is proving them right.


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