Why Québec?

Quebecers are known worldwide for the creativity and inventiveness that fuel their entrepreneurial spirit. That creativity knows no borders; it permeates every industry and everything they do. It inspires their top talent and is a big part of the reason why so major international companies here prosper.

Creativity without borders

A unique synergy between the arts, design, high tech and science has materialized in Québec. What’s more, businesses have forged solid partnerships with the province’s colleges and universities, fostering an outpouring of creative energy in the workplace and at school.


Skilled, highly trained workers

By investing heavily in education at the elementary, secondary and postsecondary levels, Québec has developed an outstanding education system and achieved one of the highest enrollment and graduation rates in OECD countries .


  • Québec’s students perform admirably, especially in international math and science tests. Their results consistently rank above the Canadian and OECD Open a new windowaverages.
  • Québec has one of the world’s most highly skilled workforces and a large cohort of postsecondary graduates.
  • Montréal produces the largest number of new university graduates in Canada: over 50,000 every year.

Québec’s network of universities and research centres is spread strategically across the province and includes seven prestigious universities dispensing programs in French or English. The university network does more than just train the workforce of tomorrow, however: it also plays a long-standing role in fostering university-industry cooperation.



Why choose Québec?