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Ressources Québec is the gateway for companies seeking to invest in Québec’s energy and natural resources sectors.


Ressources Québec supports companies at every stage of their natural resource exploration, development and processing projects or energy production, storage, transport and distribution projects. It offers a full range of financial products, including investments in share capital, debentures and various types of loans.


Supplementing private funding sources, Ressources Québec focuses on projects that have good yield prospects and foster Québec’s economic development.


Ressources Québec also manages the $1-billion Natural Resources and Energy Capital Fund, which enables the Québec government to acquire equity interests in energy and natural resources companies.


An investment policy sets out Ressources Québec’s broad guidelines and provides a framework for project analysis, investment and disinvestment decisions and fund management.

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  • Photo de Amyot Choquette
    Amyot Choquette
    Directeur principal, Mines - Québec

    Téléphone 514 876-9380Adresse courriel d'Amyot Choquette
  • Photo de Fabrice Consalvo
    Fabrice Consalvo
    Directeur principal, Ressources naturelles, énergie et électrification des transports
    Téléphone 514 876-9422Adresse courriel de Fabrice Consalvo

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