A Dynamic Business Cluster

The presence of world-class primary aluminium producers
Alcoa Open a new window, Rio Tinto Alcan Open a new windowand Alouette Open a new windowhas fostered the emergence of a strong industrial cluster in Québec. Their operations total eight smelters in the province that produce 2.9 million metric tons of primary aluminum, or 60% of North America’s total production.


Here’s a look at Québec’s current service offer :


  • Eight smelters
  • 1,400 processors
  • 923 manufacturer customers
  • 684 specialized suppliers
  • 76 equipment manufacturers
  • 132 recyclers
  • Eight research, development and training centres

AluQuébec, Québec’s aluminum cluster Open a new window, is a mobilizing and unifying organization that coordinates Québec’s aluminum processing industry and equipment manufacturers.

The AluQuébec Open a new windowindustrial cluster coordinates Québec’s aluminum processing industry and equipment manufacturers and aims to double aluminum processing in Québec over a ten-year period, while also supporting the activities of equipment manufacturers and specialized suppliers.


More than 1,400 aluminum processors serve multiple markets across Québec. These companies employ more than 7,000 Quebecers who represent 4% of Québec's salary mass.


The companies in the sector that have located in Québec are proof of the vitality of aluminum industry here. Here are a few examples:


Rio Tinto Aluminium Open a new window

Alcoa Open a new window

Alouette Open a new window

Extrudex Aluminium Open a new window

General Cable Open a new window

Metra Aluminium Open a new window

Sotrem Maltech Open a new window

Shawinigan Aluminium Open a new window

Pexal Tecalum Canada Open a new window


Equipment manufacturers


STAS  Open a new window

Mecfor  Open a new window

Dynamic Concept  Open a new window

Advanced Dynamics Open a new window

GNA Alutech Open a new window

Charl-Pol Open a new window

IDEA Contrôle Open a new window

Filtrartech Open a new window

Refraco Open a new window

Ceradyne Canada  Open a new window

Groupe EDS Open a new window

Equibras Open a new window

PCP Aluminium Open a new window

Alubar Open a new window

Moulage sous-pression AMT Open a new window

Paber Aluminium Open a new window

Verbom Open a new window

Nature Alu Open a new window

Fjord Al Open a new window

Ball Technologies d'aluminium avancées Open a new window

A3 Surfaces Open a new window

Groupe Raufoss Open a new window

MAADI Group Open a new window

Métalus Open a new window

Proco Open a new window

SBB Open a new window

Dienamex Open a new window


The aluminum sector is strongly supported by the 2015-2025 Québec Aluminum Development Strategy (The Québec Aluminum Development Strategy 2015-2025 Ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre) which aims to improve the entire value chain.


The Québec government is the first state government to implement a comprehensive strategy to grow and develop each step in the aluminum value chain. Among the ambitious goals it has set is to double aluminum processing in Québec by 2025.


For more information, refer to the full text Open a new windowof the Development Strategy (French-only link).


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