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Warner Bros. Games

Montréal is well known for its innovative spirit as well as the talent and creativity of its workforce. It therefore came as no surprise when world-famous Warner Bros. selected Québec’s largest city as the home of its new video game subsidiary, Warner Bros. Games, in 2011.


“In our industry, competition is global. We create hundreds of well-paid jobs that have a significant positive impact on the communities where we operate because we hire primarily young people,” said Martin Carrier, Studio Head at Warner Bros. Games in Montréal. “Multimedia is creative, it’s technological, and it’s non-polluting. It’s the type of job that every city would love to have,” he added.

The Warner Bros. Games studio in Montréal, whose assets include the rights to the Batman franchise, develops highly creative interactive content powered by the latest technologies. It’s backed by Montréal’s multimedia developers, who have earned a reputation for their great artistic flair and mastery of leading animation technologies.


“Québec is a natural choice for multimedia companies like Warner Bros. It’s one of the top game development centres. Its creative and talented workforce, the affordable cost of living and vital government support are all factors that motivate studios like ours to set up or expand operations here,” Martin Carrier asserted.


Creativity: a contact sport

Montréal’s energy and vibrancy also go a long way to explaining why Warner Bros. feels so at home here. To ignite the creative spark, there has to be a clash of ideas. With its history, its culture, its two languages and its personality that is at once European and North American, Montréal has a unique heterogeneous character that gets creative juices flowing.


Moreover, the integrated system of colleges and universities offers programs tailored to industry needs, making Montréal a centre of research and innovation. It’s precisely that unique combination of creativity and research, particularly in technological imaging, that makes the city such an ideal location for a prosperous multimedia industry.


A winning partnership

While Warner Bros. wins by gaining a base of operations in Montréal, it’s good news for the city too! The studio employs hundreds of young multimedia developers who inject energy and vibrancy into their community. They also contribute to the growth of an avant-garde company that in turn reinforces the eclectic and global character of Québec’s largest city.


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