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Customized financial products

Why Investissement Québec?

Because we are both a financing corporation and an economic development agency, which is good news for you.


We have everything you need to get your expansion project up and running—all under one roof! In addition to offering advice and support as you set up your business in Québec, we can provide financial solutions that suit your requirements.

Investissement Québec provides a range of financial products tailored specifically to life-sciences businesses. Here are some examples:


  • Development capital
    Equity capital (minimum of $5 million) to develop strategic partnerships and launch major projects in Québec
  • Financing of refundable tax credits
    Loans or loan guarantees to enhance your liquidity
    Loans, interest-free loans or loan guarantees to fund your projects. Private research centres are eligible

Another solution for your industry:


  • Employment fund Open a new window(Emploi-Québec) (French website)
    Financial assistance for workforce development to make businesses more competitive
  • Amorchem (Merck, FIER and others) $41.25 million
  • Anges Québec Capital Fund $85 million
  • Merck Lumira Biosciences Fund $50 million
  • GSK Canada Life Sciences Innovation Fund $50 million
  • Lumira Capital II $100 million
  • Sanderling VII (Therillia) $60 million
  • CTI Life Sciences Fund (CTI II) $134 million
  • TVM Life Sciences Ventures VII $200 million
  • Teralys Capital $1.6 billion
  • Emerillon Capital $100 million

Did you know?

  • Québec companies can obtain a tax holiday for foreign researchers Open a new window(French website).This is one of the things Québec is doing to make it easier to recruit researchers to carry out innovative private-sector projects.
  • Québec is known worldwide as one of the most favourable locations for R&D. Generous tax incentives can cut the net cost of R&D by almost 35%.

Why choose Québec?