Québec has tremendous mineral potential

Québec is vast: its total area is 1.7 million km², of which only 1% is currently mined and 5% is covered by mining rights. With its favourable business climate and immense potential, Québec is a dream location for mineral extraction.

A wide variety of metals and minerals within easy reach

Image indicating “gold, nickel, iron, diamonds”

Renowned for its mineral potential, Québec is attrac­ting investments from mining giants in China, India, Norway, Switzerland and many other countries around the globe.


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A vast territory to discover

Map of Québec indicating “1.7 million square kilometres”

A variety of metals and minerals are essential to our lives, and many of them are found in Québec. The list includes copper, diamonds, iron, lithium, nickel, niobium, gold, phosphate, rare earths and zinc.


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Invest with total confidence

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With its provincial mineral strategy, stable banking system and competitive tax policies, Québec has plenty to attract and encourage mining investment.


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Modern, efficient infrastructure

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Québec has set its sights on the vast territory north of the 49th parallel. It is currently expanding its transportation infrastructure to ensure easy access to the Far North.


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Solid support for the mining industry

Photo of two engineers consulting a laptop on a construction site

Québec supports mining companies with research centres and powerful tools such as maps of Québec’s mineral potential, common-earth 3D models and geoscientific databases, all freely available.


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Ressources Québec: Your partner of choice!

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This Investissement Québec subsidiary provides financial solutions and assistance for companies undertaking resource exploration, development and processing in Québec.



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Why choose Québec?