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Electricity: Powering the future!

More than 97% of all the energy produced in Québec is renewable, with nearly all of it coming from hydropower. The combination of hydropower and the Québec transportation industry’s research expertise and technical know-how makes the province the ideal spot for entrepreneurs and investors looking to advance the electric vehicle industry.


Québec has been working actively for many years to electrify its transportation system with a view to securing economic and environmental benefits.


The electric vehicle sector is an engine for creating collective wealth and an innovative way to substantially cut greenhouse gas emissions in Québec and around the globe.


: Illustration of an electric vehicle and a map of the world accompanied by a text stating Québec, a world recognized hub world pole in transport electrification!


Intelligent transportation systems, expertise in energy storage, conversion and recharging, renewable energy, a favourable climate for testing: discover the competitive advantages that make Québec a key player in the electrification of transportation!


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A fully automated electric light-rail network in Montréal by 2022

Montréal will have its own integrated and fully automated electric light-rail transit system by the end of 2022! The new REM train project, which will add 67 km of rails to the city’s public transit system, is set to become the third-largest automated transportation system in the world after Dubai (80 km) and Vancouver (68 km), just ahead of Singapore (65 km).


For the metropolitan area, the REM will be the largest public transportation infrastructure built since the Montréal subway, inaugurated in 1966. The REM will usher in a new era of public transit development in the Greater Montréal area. The new network represents an investment of approximately $5.5 billion. It is expected to generate approximately 7,500 jobs annually during the construction phase, and more than 1,000 permanent jobs once in operation.

Hydro-Québec invests in the development of electric mobility !

As a government corporation that generates, transports and distributes electricity, Hydro-Québec has what it takes to develop electric mobility: clean, renewable energy, a reliable power grid, recognized expertise and promising technologies.


  • At its initiative, the first public charging network in Canada, the Electric Circuit, was launched in spring 2012. Since then, over 500 charging stations (including some 20 fast chargers) have been set up, and over 120 private and institutional partners have joined the Electric Circuit.
  • In partnership with the city of Montréal, the Electric Circuit also ensures the installation of fast chargers along major roads, as well as on-street charging stations adapted for winter conditions.
  • In partnership with the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) in Singapore, IREQ has perfected silicates for use in
    next-generation batteries, potentially doubling their storage capacity when compared to current models.
  • IREQ has also completed a V2G-V2H pilot project to test whether an electric vehicle battery can be used to conduct energy exchanges with the grid or to power part of a home during an outage.

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